Documentary films can change our society

Documentary films can change our society
Oana Ghiocel Media On a Mission to Inspire You

We specialize in Ancient History, Science, Adventure and Human -Interest films and TV series in a variety of formats.

Our projects have been filmed around the world in wilderness and remote areas, from the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe to the Andes in Latin America, to the enigmatic caves of Southern Europe. We have filmed in remote and dangerous caves, mountains and places in a variety of challenging conditions. 

Our latest work includes a three part Ancient History TV miniseries focused on the latest discoveries and scientific breakthroughs in regards to our ancestors the Neanderthals, an odyssey filmed around the world, and a feature documentary, the portrait of an extraordinary elderly minority woman in Eastern Europe.

For more information on our past & current projects please Contact Us. We are happy to send our project brochures to clients and media & press requests.